Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Blessed Easter and a Small Town Antiquing Find

My in-laws live in a tiny Texas town, population 400, 6 miles down a dirt road. I LOVE LOVE LOVE spending time at the farm with my family. We spend most Christmases and Easters at the farm and the kids play HARD with the cousins.
Grandma and Papa with the kids

The girls and I took a trip to the next town to get groceries at Wally World. On the main drag through Rockdale, there was a CUTE antique store. It was getting to close to lunch and we had the groceries, so it was a quick trip through a HUGE store... UGH! BUT I did manage to find a few things...

Sheet music from 1924

Fantabulous reference book from 1904...

And some silver spoons for $1 each!

I got some cute ideas too...

I spent less than $20 for my wears and look forward to an encore trip to Rockdale.

We had a blessed Easter here in Texas. Time spent with family and friends and a special worship service to remind us of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. HE IS RISEN!

Love, Whyt

Good Life Wednesdays

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I had so much fun yesterday! Miss Whimsy and I played all afternoon on the Silhouette. She made the most adorable owl and I made a sign. One thing I have found with the Silhouette though,
if you don't have all afternoon to spend on a project,
you probably should NOT pull out the machine.
Otherwise, you end up frustrated and unfinished.

While in Round Top at the Texas Rose show, I picked up some old cabinet fronts. I loved the old paint and the border that surrounded each one. I picked up 4, dreaming of Silhouette signs.

I started by sanding the board and wiping it down with a damp sock. (Some people have rag bins, I have an old sock bin!)

I then cut mt design. I wasn't sure of the layout, so I did it in 2 sections. With the vinyl, don't use a cutting mat and slow down your speed a couple of notches.You get a better cut and are less likely to end up wasting vinyl. (I picked up this roll at Goodwill for 90cents! Not the best color, but great for making stencils!)

I then picked out the insides of the letters, leaving the negative. (I used a nifty Creative Memories tool that I have had for years.) 

I applied the transfer paper to the top of the vinyl
and decided on placement.
Carefully pealed the backing off the vinyl.

Carefully placed stencil and removed transfer paper
 And then with a quart of Behr  Oops
paint that I picked up for $1at Home Depot,
Ummmm.... OOPS? Not the color on the lid....
 After a stir, WHEW!
I slopped on the paint,
Repeated with 2nd stencil, and free-handed some swirls...
Sanded the whole thing until I liked the overall shabbiness.
Rubbed some stain and VOILA!

Make it a great day or not. The choice is yours!

Love, Whyt


Keeping It Simple

Monday, April 4, 2011


When we went from a queen to a king sized bed, I had to give up my fabulous white iron bed. I couldn't bear to get rid of the white dreaminess. So I stored it away in the attic.

(can't you just imagine it popping against a sage green wall with lots of white fluffy pillows?)
I finally decided to make a bench and the kids love it!
 In the meantime, I needed a headboard. I had fallen in love with the idea of a door and archetectural salvage and went on a mission. I researched online and at antiques stores here and there.

I didn't ever find what I was looking for. Then the idea struck... You can get 36 inch interior doors at Lowe's for $19. A king size bed in 72 inches wide and 36 + 36= 72. And I have always wanted a red door so $10 for some spray paint. And VOILA! a headboard for $50! Dang I am good! (hehehe)

After a while I found the door knockers at Hobby Lobby. Of course, 50% off. After they were hung, I got quite a laugh. (Can you guess why?) But how appropriate for a marriage bed!
Have a great week!
Love, Whyt

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