Thursday, October 28, 2010

Come on Fall Weather!

I loved the vast contrast of this morning's weather to yesterday's. Hot and humid in late October just doesn't do it for me. I almost stole the jeep this morning to enjoy the dry, crisp air. It makes you want to cook soup for dinner and cobbler for dessert!

I never scored a bike on CL, but I monitor my local bike shop's website ( regularly, so I am not out of the loop. It so happens the the current year models get clearanced in October! The bike I wanted was 25% off!!!!  I love a good deal! Now it time to get training for the MS150!
Isn't it great! Got my helmet, lights, and computer and I am ready to ride! If you are in Houston, go visit Josh and his wife at Lone Star, they are great! (Their son is a cutie too!) They are so encouraging and helpful.

If you ride on the NW side, give me a shout. I would love some riding partners. I do so much better when I have others to be accountable to, but then, don't we all?

I have some fall/Christmas craft and decor ideas floating around my head that I can't wait to share. Be watching! Y'all have a great day!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Scored on Craigslist!!!!

I am always scouring craigslist on my iphone.... I have 3 saved searches so that I can easily check for any new finds... I am looking for a road bike so I can ride in the MS 150 and cross it off my bucket list. The MS150 is a fundraiser bike ride for multiple sclerosis. It is a two day ride from Houston to Austin...
My next search is "antiques" from $0 to $100. I am looking for a buffet to go with my hutch in the attic. I had this cute buffet and hutch (shabby white of course) that I picked up for a song about 5 years ago. Then my sweetie bought a 50 inch TV at there are not a lot of shabby chic TV stands. Sweetie shopped the house and took off with my buffet! He pulled out the drawer and made a shelf  for components and the video games fit neatly underneath. I miss my buffet and hate that I can't close the TV behind doors of an armoire, BUT he pulled a "Whytney." I am so proud!

I added a burlap curtain, and VOICI! Plus, a benefit of burlap..... The PS3 remotes work through the fabric and you can't see the game console! Gotta love the shabby look!

My final search is "furniture" 0-100.... This is where I scored this weekend!

A 24"X48" kitchen island with a wine rack for all of $25!!!!! The top leaves a little to be desired and I HATE the handles, but that can all be fixed!

So I put my baby girl to work!

And I am going to surprise you all.... I didn't leave it white, didn't paint it sage green or even barn red.

wait for it....

wait for it....

 Yep.... BLACK! My kitchen table is also painted black and I have black iron  accents in the kitchen. I even have an old iron gate hanging from the ceiling that I use as a pot rack. I still need to get a new top and I need to find drawer pulls, but as I finish, I will keep you updated!

I am off for today... Until next time...