Saturday, December 29, 2012

Watchful Eye

Last night Miss Whimsy had her 1st boyfriend over to hang out. C is a sweet boy and I could not have prayed for a better “first” for my daughter. But being a responsible mother, I could not just leave them to their own devices, but at the same time, I didn’t want to embarrass the kids or seem overbearing. So I got busy crafting! I did most of the work in my bedroom, but had to come out to take pictures, to get paint and supplies, etc.  Sneaky, huh?
I am not ready for Valentines decorations, so I put together a New Years blessing. I have been making signs out of cabinet doors. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore carries used doors for $3. You can’t get canvases for that price!

Whyt's Whimsy
I filled the holes on the front with wood filler and sprayed it with Krylon Satin white.

Whyt's Whimsy 6
The molding on the door makes a perfect frame.

Whyt's Whimsy 10
I used my Silhouette to cut out the crown and verse. And painted with $1 quart of oops paint. I then rubbed in out with some stain and furniture wax.
Whyt's Whimsy 12
In all, this 14X22 inch solid wood, framed sign cost me less than $5 to make.
Now if I can be so frugal throughout 2013….
From our house to yours, Have a blessed New Year!
Love, Whyt
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Homecoming Texas Style

 Last week, my eldest started high school. I was kinda excited about the whole homecoming thing that defines football spirit in Texas. I grew up here, so the mum/garter thing is old hat. Two things caught me off guard, however. 1) Homecoming is the 3rd week of school and 2) The mums (that have always been bigger in Texas) have become outrageously colossal!
untitled copy
Yeah, these mums can weigh up to 30 pounds. So instead of wearing the mum as a corsage, the girls wear them around their necks. And yes, the guys get into the action and wear mums on their arms attached to garters. If you aren’t from Texas, I understand this is hard to believe. But wait…. I was looking up prices, and the garters START at about $50 and the mums $85. Yipes! Not this crafty momma!
Here is what I have made so far this season…
Fall 2012 025
Garter for K&E
Fall 2012 027
Basic Mum before names and trinkets
Fall 2012 028
Miss Whimsy’s 1st Mum
If you are local (Cypress, Tomball, Klein and Katy) and are needing a more reasonably priced garter or mum, let me know. I can make these in any school colors (or in blue or pink for a mommy and new baby to hang at the hospital). For our high school, the freshman and sophomores have mums in the school colors, red and gold. The juniors have white and gold. The seniors have silver and white.  I am having fun making these for friends and family and will work within your budget.
Have a great Labor Day!
Love, Whyt

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

When we retired the 36 inch box TV for a large screen TV several years ago, Mr. Whimsy took hostage my buffet. Well, actually, all the TV stands we found were too modern for my tastes. Took some measurements, and the buffet was the natural choice. (And, I didn’t have to spend money!)DSC00205
Here is the buffet with its hutch. I found this set in an antique shop in Milano, TX (population 400). I think I paid about $50. The only thing the buffet lacked were the bottom doors. Nothing a yard of fabric and a tension rod can’t fix.
Kevin Ahern Memory Stick pictures 231
Mr. Whimsy would get frustrated with the curtain and the inability of the remotes to work through the fabric. We tried the little fence for a while…
Christmas 2010 194
2010 219
Then we removed the drawer and added a shelf. We moved the receiver to the shelf and I made new curtains out of burlap. Underneath was a tangled mess, though. Eventually a sound bar went on the shelf and the receiver and gaming equipment went below. We pulled the wires up off the floor and added baskets for the movies, games, and remotes. The glorious thing about the burlap is the remotes work THROUGH it!
Summer 2012 293a
Everything stays hidden, but if you look carefully, you can see the lights on the receiver. Momma’s happy and Daddy’s happy! I have been wanting to repaint the now “media center” for a while.
Summer 2012 291a
How about some ASCP?
Summer 2012 312
Summer 2012 296a
I used the Chateau Grey (sage green) on the outside and the Country Grey (light beige) on the inside and as accents on the legs.
Summer 2012 297a
Summer 2012 303
I waxed the piece with an old sports sock and rubbed in the stain.
Summer 2012 300
It toned down the piece beautifully! (Now if only I could get my hair color to tone down, but that’s another story.)
Summer 2012 301
Mr. Whimsy likes that there is a lot of room for the air to circulate around his electronics.
Summer 2012 302a
Summer 2012 308a
And can you guess who his favorite football team is?
Summer 2012 309
Ta-da! Only with ASCP can you paint a media center without moving it outside in the mid summer heat or dying from the fumes (and keep watching the Olympics). I think I am loving it!
Well I have started back to work, so I better get some shut eye. Y’all have a great week!

Love, Whyt

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I am Floored!


I was checking out my favorite blogs, and I was caught! Gail at My Repurposed Life featured my birdcage transformation in Catch as Catch Can 83.

Thanks Gail! I am honored (and floored and giddy).

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thanks Jen!

What an honor! My Table Transformation was featured by Jennifer Rizzo at her Fabulously Creative Friday Linky Party!Jennifer RizzoSummer 2012 004

Thanks Jen! Y’all have a great week!

Love, Whyt

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Have a great week!

Love, Whyt