Sunday, March 31, 2013

He is Risen!

What at blessed Holy Week! I have been really busy, and now I am just sitting back and relaxing… Ahhh!
First of all, I would like to thank I Heart Organizing for hosting The Summery Umbrella Giveaway!

I won $50 credit at The Summery Umbrella Etsy shop. I fell in love with this shelf.
Handmade Corner Bookcase, Lime, Two Shelves, Reclaimed Wood--15"W x 31.5"H x 10.5"L, Beach Inspired
I was amazed at the super fast shipping and the ability to custom order with my color choice. They have some great signs and chalkboards too! But since I make signs and chalkboard also, I went for something different. Winking smile
Spring 2013 001
Spring 2013 002
Here is a close up of one of my chalkboards. I picked up the HUGE frame for $8 at Hobby Lobby. I added a piece of plywood, painted with chalkboard paint. I painted and distressed the frame. Now I can change seasonal accents to my hearts desire!
Spring 2013 003
Spring 2013 005
Spring 2013 007
Spring 2013 009
I love the color and distressing on the corner shelf. It works so well with the colors in my house!
We have friends who are missionaries in France. We met Charles and Amy Cross when we lived in Dallas and hadn’t seen them in over 10 years. They are currently in the states for a few months with their SIX children. Since God has blessed me more with talents than money, I wanted to be used while they are here. So I have offered to bake cakes for the family birthdays while the Crosses are in town.
Spring 2013 010
Spring 2013 012
I particularly enjoyed this cake, for Thomas was not only celebrating his birthday today, Easter Sunday, he was also making a public confession of his faith through believer’s baptism. Happy Rebirth Day Thomas!
If you ever feel that you can not be a blessing financially to your church or others, search your heart and your talents and let God use you! I have learned to see God working through my creativity and am constantly amazed!
There were 20 of us at the farm this weekend to celebrate Easter. I finally got to see & snuggle with my new great nephew, Jaxon. He is SOO sweet and has the cutest little bend in his ear!
As I leave you with a peak into our weekend,
Y’all have a blessed evening and a beautiful April! Love, Whyt 
Spring 2013 016
Lauren and Sweet Jaxon
Spring 2013 020Spring 2013 022 
Spring 2013 025Spring 2013 032
Decorating Easter Egg Cakes
Spring 2013 033 Spring 2013 035
Spring 2013 036
Proud New Momma

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Baby!

Fall 2012 039
The day before my 41st birthday, I became a great aunt again. My niece, Sommer, gave birth to precious Jaxon. Several months ago, my MIL and Miss Whimsy headed to Stephenville for the baby shower.
Much to my dismay, there was no bedding on either of the registries.  UGH! I was wanting to make a sign or other accessories to go with the theme of the room. Come to find out, Sommer’s Mema was making the bedding. Through modern technology, I received pictures of the fabrics that Mema was using! (of course, I have deleted the pic from my phone, forgetting I was planning on using it for a post)
Fall 2012 040
Here are the fabrics Mema used from Jo-Ann’s. I searched high and low and only found the stripes. Have no fear, I did find other fabrics that coordinated beautifully!
Fall 2012 041
No dinosaurs, but isn’t the “rarr!” typography print too cute?  No little dots, but a bolder dot. Orange ric-rac instead of the solid orange.  Put it together, and what have you got?
Fall 2012 042
Mema’s bedding and a coordinating diaper bag!
Fall 2012 069
I filled the diaper bag with diapering essentials, including diapers, binkis, a rattle and wipes (Not everything in this pic is from me… I had forgotten to get pics after I made the gift!). Oh yeah, check out the wipe boxes. While I had my Silhouette out to cut stencils for Jaxon’s monogrammed sign, I cut a few dinosaurs to jazz up the wipes! And speaking of the sign… I stapled some of the left over striped fabric to a canvas, glued orange grosgrain ribbon on the edge and painted the monogram. Easy peasy!
Fall 2012 067
Sommer, the sweet Momma to Be
Fall 2012 044
Sommer, Grandma Barbara (my MIL), and niece Christy, (my flower girl, who is also with child)
Fall 2012 054
Christy’s daughter, Rachel, my 1st Great Niece
What a blessed day we had with family and friends. Now I best be deciding on what to do for Christy’s little one that is due this spring…
Oh and…Thanks Holly for sending me the pic of the fabric! It is so fun to be able to give handmade gifts in the style and design the recipient chose herself!
Have a blessed week. Love, Whyt
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome Easter Bunny!

This is a repost from a couple of years ago, but I love how this wreath turned out.
I was at Hallmark and found a precious bunny key. It came with the following note:
Easter Bunny’s Magical Key
The Easter Bunny zips from place to place,
Making a jillion stops and delivering a bajillion baskets.
He’s somebunny special for sure!
This Easter Bunny Key on your doorstep tells the Bunny you’re anxiously awaiting him.
It gives him a magical way in to do his jelly-bean, marshmallow-chick,
chocolate-bunny business just for you!
So… I used the key and made a cute Easter wreath from the front door. Now as I walk up to the front door, I can’t help but smile!

We have Spring Break next week and I am getting excited! Have a great evening!
Love, Whyt

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