Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pot Racked

For years I longed for a POT RACK. I had looked online, looked at Crate & Barrel and Williams and Sonoma. If I found something I did like, I didn’t like the price tag. I was on the hunt for a good deal. I can be patient when looking for household items. I have found that if I wait, I will be reward in price or perfectness, usually both! There is a plethora of pot racks out there if you like

or modern
or industrial.

But what about SHABBY, French, eclectic, CHIC? So I waited… and looked… and one beautiful afternoon (no really, the weather as perfect as Houston weather can get) I was piddling around the Tomball topless (well, the Jeep was) and I heard a choir of angels singing (the birds were, anyway). This is what I found… I was rewarded in PERFECTNESS! And what about the price you may ask…. I was REWARDED there to! $25 for this black wrought iron GARDEN gate!

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  1. Awesome! I so want a pot rack!

  2. Be patient, and keep looking! An old ladder also makes a great pot rack.


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