Monday, August 16, 2010

They did it again!

I have got to figure out how to market my ideas! My SLAH (now Willow House) consultant brought me over the new catalog. That's when I saw it!!!! Right there on page 61! I now have visions dating back to 1995 when BHG stole my headboard idea. Come on people, can't a girl wallow in her creativity without the rest of the world following suit?!?!

Just kidding, but let me tell you the story...

Back in 1995, I had just married and was setting up house. We were broke, trying to pay off college loans, find jobs and get settled in a new city. I adored the softness of the cottage look and dreamed of living in a cabin in a field of wildflowers. I was trying to find ways to make our little apartment a home. I found a cute soft floral quilt at Bed, Bath and Beyond for less than $50, and was trying to figure out how to buy a headboard for my "hand me down" king size bed.

One Sunday, while reading the sale circulars from the newspaper, I came across a Home Depot add and was trying to figure out what plants would work for a container garden. Then it hit me, fence pickets were cheap and I am a handy, independent Texas girl. I could build me a headboard out of fence pickets, drape silk ivy across it, and this would cost less than $30!!!

I told my groom my idea and eyes rolled! I hopped in our little pickup and headed to buy me some fence pickets. Now adays you can head over to Home depot and pick up a section of fence, but back then you had to build your fence with a hammer and nails! I loved that headboard and we had that thing until we bought our house 5 years ago. While moving, the headboard was left on the old porch and when we went by the next morning, the landlord had already been by, put it on the curb, and was picked up by the trash men! UGH!

Back to 1995... after I built that headboard, not even 6 months later, BHG ran an article in the magazine showcasing different fence picket headboard designs! Talk about a proud moment!
(I am going to have to dig through old photographs and post a picture of my first wedded bed. We didn't have digital cameras in 1995!)

I have always been enthralled with architectual elements in the home. I don't have typical "art" on the walls. Instead I have old window frames, empty picture frames, doors propped against the walls, etc.

I have one shabby frame on the wall that would showcase seasonal wreaths or decor. Last spring my hubby was bugging me about getting a clock for the living room. Well, you know me, heaven forbid I get any ole wall clock... I found a cute french inspired clock and hung it right inside that frame. Once again eyes rolled!

And here we are in August 2010 and I open up the new Willow House catalog and low and behold on page 61 is a clock sitting smack dab in the middle of a frame! See hunny, I am NOT crazy, I am avant garde!

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  1. I remember that picket fence headboard, it was beautiful, and I remember how proud you were of it! If you can predict trends, can you predict lottery numbers for me?


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