Friday, August 20, 2010

Goodbye Summer Break!

This is the last week of summer break for most kids in Texas. I went back to work about 2 weeks ago and dang it, I didn't get that armoire painted! I have been on a crafty kick the last couple of weeks though! I have been planning on how to decorate my new office. And I love shopping my house! Once I am, finished setting the offices up, I will post pictures! In the meantime, I have to show off some projects!

I made this cute message board for about $3.00! I found this frame (about 12x24in) at Hobby Lobby for about $2 in the 90% off section. For the backing I stopped at Home Depot and picked up sheet of cheap hardboard. At WalMart I picket up a roll of batting. The toile, brown grograin and buttons were in my craft closet.

I sanded the frame for the worn look, but it wasn't doing it for me... I had some green glaze left over from another project, so I wiped it on and off. Perfect!

This beautiful message board was even cheaper to make!!!!! The frame had been sitting in the garage for probably 5 years or so.... It started out gold, then I spray painted it black. I never got into it... so the frame just sat there...After I finished the green toile message board, I decided that was what this frame needed!

Off to the craft room for ivory satin spray paint, brown glaze, furniture tacks and the same brown ribbon! The fabric was left over from decorating my office last year. After painting, sanding, glazing, stapling, and nailing, this is what was born! Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?!?!? Off to the office!

Oh and by the way.... this is a PLASTIC frame!

This door is an old, but well loved project. I found the door in an antique store several years ago in Katy, TX. It is white on the front side and a soft chippy blue on the back. To the actual door, I did nothing. What you see is the natural distressing of an old door. The hats are hung on Command hooks and I painted a shelf with a lovely green paint. The shelf brackets, also used at the bottom of the door for support, are white cast iron brackets I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby at the end of one summer.
This project cost around $30.

At Christmas, I hang a wreath or the metal stocking from Southern Living at Home on the door. How sweet it is!

The weekend is here and Logan's LEGO themed birthday party is tomorrow. I better get started on the cake... Not sure what direction I am going to take, but when I am finished, I will let you take a peek!

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