Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Long Weekend Love

What a wonderful weekend we had! The heat finally broke. We went from 109 to 90 in a week's time. Now if we could get some rain here in Houston, we would be set! On my way home this evening the sky looked hopeful....
But then in dawned on me, those aren't clouds... that is the smoke from the wildfires NW of Houston. The fire is 9 miles long and 3 miles wide. Prayers for those who have lost their homes during this crisis.
On Saturday, Holly came all the way from Austin
to pick up her sign I made...
NOT! But we did get to spend the day together with the kids. We took the little ones to The Children's Museum of Houston. FANTABULOUS! All 4 kids had a blast (and the mommies too!). I LOVE making memories with my BFF & the kids.

Lo and behold, Holly took her sign to work (as intended) and now I have requests for more! Better get to painting!
Here's #2 waiting for a quote!

Time to get the kiddos ready for bed! Have a blessed week!

Love, Whyt

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