Friday, August 9, 2013

Francophile Christmas

Bonjour mes amies! I have been painting like a fool this summer getting ready for fall craft shows. I was wanting to do a Christmas sign without the normal red & green. So French chic was called for!
Whyt's Whimsy 043
I love making signs on cabinet doors. For one, it’s a great way to upcycle. Two, it is cheaper that canvas. Whyt's Whimsy 028
Finally, it is solid wood and already framed!
Whyt's Whimsy 046
The first thing I do is create my design in Silhouette Studio. I match the dimensions of the board.
Then I deconstruct the elements.
Since I am using the vinyl as a mask, all the elements are on the same page. I pick up clearance vinyl at JoAnne’s or Hobby Lobby for this purpose, since colors don’t matter.
When making the signs, you have to think through the layers and colors. More than once, I have painted the layers out of order, and ended up having to sand down and start over!
Think of the layers backwards. Since the main elements are the words and Eiffel Tower, those go down first. After sanding the board, paint it black. Then place the words and Tower. Whyt's Whimsy 044
Now paint the green. DO NOT remove the vinyl!
Whyt's Whimsy 045
Now place the vinyl for the green elements (flourishes and holly leaves). Now paint the pink. DO NOT remove the vinyl! Now place the holly berries and paint the board white. Once the paint is dry, you may now remove the vinyl.
Whyt's Whimsy 043 
If you like the finish, you are finished! Otherwise, you can distress, wax, stain, etc… Next time, I will show you a cool technique for a fall sign. Until then, Bon Nuit at Au Revoir! –Whyt
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  1. Wow very, creative use of vinyl! I look at all those cute silhouette shapes and see all sorts of fun shapes that would be great. So many ideas so little time :)
    -Ann Good
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