Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grocery Fun

Sometimes you just can’t help but getting excited while checking out at the grocery store. Yesterday, I ran into the Kroger near work to pick up lunch. Near the front door, there was a basket of clearance wines.  I work in the public schools in Texas. There is a zero tolerance policy and I dare not have wine out in the car, besides, it’s early September in Houston. The heat in the car is no bueno for my vino. So on my way home today, I made my stop. I had a few coupons for free Kroger products and some POS coupons from a previous trip.  My total started out around $65. I walk out paying less than $45!

photo (5)

That’s over 1/3 off my total! LOVE IT!

Let me tell ya how it happened…

photo (6)

photo (1)              photo

So this is what I came home with… Yes, that includes 6, count them 6, bottles of wine. My free coupons are from a Kroger brand school lunches promo. (Read about Lunchbox Heroes at The Kroger Co. Family of Stores below) The kiddos are all about fruit snacks , flavored waters, and cookies. I keep a stash of granola bars in my office. Just those 4 items netted me over $10 in savings. My POS coupons netted another $1 in savings. Now for the wine…Not the fanciest on the shelf, but wines good for winding down in the evening.

photo (4)

Refresh by Turning Leaf: 50% off

photo (2)

I had Acronym before it’s a GR8WW! 88point wine that retails for around $15. 66% savings!

photo (3)

The last wine is Stark Raving (retails $12). I just had to try it for the name! Then lo and behold, my friend Amy reviewed it late last year … VineSleuth Uncorked



The Kroger Co. Family of Stores has yet to invent Lunchbox Heroes that actually make your kids’ lunches for you, but their foods will definitely help you make lunchtime fun and delicious for your family. Oh, and they’re super affordable, too! Once school is back in session, delight your loved ones daily with specially selected Kroger brand favorites like Cheese Flavored Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels and Chewy Granola Bars, or NEW Fruit Snacks, Golden Double Filled Vanilla Sandwich Cookies, and Extreme Fusion Waters. With snacks like that, your kid will be the talk of the lunchroom, and you’ll be accepting hugs left and right.

Hope the 13-14 School Year will be a great one for you and yours!

Love, Whyt


I am a BuzzAgent and received coupons for free products at Kroger. I do buy Kroger brand regularly and the above opinions are my own!

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