Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Project

A while back, I talked about my
mantle and not being sure about my latest decorations…. I solved my problem! And Holly didn’t have a heart attack!
Several years ago, I bought a beautiful, shabby, mahogany antique mantel on ebay for $50. This thing was HUGE! I wanted a faux fireplace because I couldn’t imagine Christmas in our new house without a place to hang the stockings. I built a box and found a suitable candelabra and
I was a happy camper!

When we moved into Holly’s
house, there was a real fireplace so we set the faux fireplace up in the master
bedroom. It was SOOOO romantic.
Time passed, and we graduated to
a king size bed and the fireplace got bumped to the dining room. It worked but it was a tight fit. About a month ago, I mentioned to Mr. Whimsy that I wanted to replace the shelf the builder called a mantel with my $50 find. He rolled his eyes, but when I came home the next day,
demolition had begun!

One look and I knew there was no
turning back, and any change we made would have to be permanent.


After trimming down, stripping,
and repainting…

What do you think?  I am in love!
The new mantel is perfect for the fireplace!

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  1. Much better size than the"shelf". :)

  2. That really turned out gorgeous! I would love to be able to paint my fireplace and mantel white, it just looks so much fresher!

  3. It looks great - so much better now!


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