Thursday, November 18, 2010

Every Girl Needs a Sister

Holly and I started working together 10 years ago. She is a natural born reading teacher. Her first year in the classroom amazed me! Even though she was less experienced, I learned (and continue to learn) so much from her. 

As we worked together, we became close emotionally, spiritually and even physically. (Mr. Whimsy, Lauren, and I moved into their neighborhood.) We continued to nurture our relationship. Many prayers have been said over each other and our families. We truly became sisters. She was even the first to suspect I was pregnant with my son when I said was that I felt swollen during our morning walk. (At that time, I was just suspecting…)

Our next round of moves put us 3 houses away from each other Cowboy games on Sundays, scrapbooking til all hours, never a glass of wine was had alone. It was amazing. It was Holly’s turn to start her family after heartache and loss. Prayer in our Mighty God, Great Physician, Abba Father, Lord of our lives
was always a part of who we were (are) as sisters.

Holly and her family moved to Dallas due to a job transfer. Many tears were shed. My heart was breaking . But God always has a plan…

After months on the market, Holly’s house in Cypress still had not sold and she was about to have to pay 2 mortgages. Mr.  Whimsy had lost his job and we were needing to downsize.  God provides! Holly’s house is now our home.

Come back to see the latest project in our home. Holly will have a heart attack if I show you the before and during pictures, so I better wait until I am finished to show you the pictures. (Besides, she will probably be in town next week, so I HAVE to get it done!)

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I love you too! And yes I did have a heart attack...but your post made it better!


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