Monday, November 15, 2010

Project Linus

At one of the intermediate schools I test for, an email went out looking for staff to make blankets. I am not a quilter or crotchetier or any other blanket maker for that matter. However, I have made several duvet covers for my daughter over the years when I had something in mind and couldn’t find it or didn’t want to pay the high prices when I did find it. I have made a baby blanket or two that only required straight stitches, but that is the extent of my experience.

My friend Jennifer, from high school has been making rag quilts lately and been posting the darling pictures on FB. I was inspired! If I can make a monk costume for Halloween without a pattern, surely I could figure out a rag quilt! (And besides, this is for charity to keep a little one warm).

Here are some of Jennifer’s quilts she is making in Katy,Texas
If you are interested, let me know and I will get you hooked up with her!


Back to my project: Here is the initial information I received…
Project Linus is a volunteer non-profit organization with a two-fold mission.
1st Mission:  To provide love, sense of security, warmth and comfort who are seriously ill, traumatized or otherwise in need through the gift of new, handmade blankets and afghans, loving created by volunteer “blanketeers
2nd Mission:  To provide rewarding and fun service opportunity for interested individuals and groups in local communities, for the benefit of children.
Please use the following link for Blanket Guidelines:

So following the guidelines and inspiration from Jennifer, this is my freshman attempt at rag quilting!
Let me know what you think!

Have a great week!!
Love, Whyt


  1. Hey Lady!!! Thank you so much for the shout out!!!! My contact info is or call me at 281-391-6945...

  2. your first attempt looks awesome!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I scored the mother load of fabric from MIL!!! I have my 2nd set of squares cut and ready to be sewn!


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