Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sew Fun!

Halloween was a blast this year! Pretty Girl wanted to be Little Bo Peep and take Gunnar, her Cocker Spaniel, as a sheep. As luck  fortune Target would have it, they had sheep costumes for dogs! Woohoo!!! And in the closet, I have a dirndl that my aunt brought back from Germany years ago. PERFECT! Then off to the Halloween store... We found a staff! Who would have guessed?

I haven't been to an "adult" Halloween party in years, so when the invite came, I was ecstatic!The brain started storming!  As you have probably guessed, I like being crafty and creative. I see something I like or get some hair-brained idea and I go with it. Off I go into the wild blue yonder...

At the store, I picked up some vampire teeth and I went as a Renaissance vampress. I wore my Ren Fest garb along with an awesome apricot wig I found on ebay. I totally vamped the makeup.  Coming up with a costume for Mr. Whimsy was not as easy. What would go with my costume? I started digging around on the net for Renaissance men's costumes. The mister is not a vampire type, but Brother John. maybe....

What do you think? I made the monk costume ALL BY MYSELF!!! I searched the web for patterns and got some basic ideas, but not bad for someone who owns a sewing machine to hem clothes & curtains and to sew on scout patches! If you want to  know specific details on making this costume,
let me know, and I will post it.

After posting the pics on FB, I got lots of comments from friends and family on the red hair, so today this forever dishwater blonde took the plunge and went red! Not completely sold yet, but I will let you know soon.

Hope your Wednesday was whimsical!

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